8085 Dissasembly?

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Tue Apr 17 10:12:51 CDT 2018

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>>> Bill Gunshannon wrote:
>>>> Many of us think that the advent of the x86 architecture is what led to
>>>> masochism.
>>> ... or masochism led to the x86 architecture.
>> I think you are confused maybe. Wasn't it sadism?
> Sadism on Intel's part but masochism on the part of those who willingly 
> accepted it.
> Not sure where that leaves the rest of us.
Linux on ARM or NETBSD on VAX... in recovery, or maybe PDP-8 or PDP 11? 
The old RCA CDP1802 keeps dragging me back.

I seriously stopped messing with intel with 8080/8085 jumping to Z80
 and 8048/8051 for the single chips and then going off to PIC and Atmega.

Looked at 8086 and decided it was a 8080 with a bag on the side.
It was and still is irrational.

Disassembly for 8085 is dirt simple as the opcodes are easily classified
and decoded.    Its easy enough to do in a word processor, find and replace.


> bill

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