Scanned paperback book "RSX A User's Guide"

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Mon Apr 16 23:04:07 CDT 2018

"Since I didn’t have an industrial book shear to remove the binding,"

Mark - most Kinko's have one of these and can easily cut off the binding
for a small fee.

Lee Courtney

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>    I recently decided to make scan a paperback book that I happen to have
> two copies of. It is "RSX A Guide for Users by John Pieper” published in
> 1987 by DEC. I have not seen a copy of it in any of the online sources like
> bit savers. For anyone just starting out with RSX it is a nice general read
> that also covers some system topics like backups, etc. similar to the paper
> back VAX/VMS user and system manager books.
>    I’d like to make it available online but wasn’t sure how to submit it.
> It is about 38 MB in size so bigger than an email (at my email).
>   Since I didn’t have an industrial book shear to remove the binding, I
> used a belt sander to remove enough go the binding to pull the pages free
> easily and then used a paper cutter to trim the pages a bit to remove any
> last traces of glue that would have jammed the scanner. The book is about
> 360 pages.
> Thanks,
> Mark Matlock

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