To be scrapped in as little as 2 months

Pete Lancashire pete at
Sun Apr 15 21:09:24 CDT 2018

I need to add

- I can not provide labor, if you can't move it your self or like the 029
you will need to hire someone at your own time and expense. The 029 CAN NOT
be moved by one person.

I may have been a bit low on how much will need to be moved to get the 029
out the front door, lets say 400 to 600 additional LBS of stuff will need
to be moved.


On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 7:43 PM, Pete Lancashire <pete at>

> 3 x DEC Alphas, small deskside models
> 5 to 6 x Sun pizza boxes one a Sparc 1 prototype
> 029 IBM Keypunch
> The day I can have a 15 cubic yard scrap metal drop box the stuff will
> start to be tossed in.
> All based on when the rains stop and the ground is hard enough
> I can't want much longer
> For those that have not seen me post this before
> The stuff is near (3 - 4 miles outside of) Banks Oregon USA (look it up on
> Google).
> -pete

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