To be scrapped in as little as 2 months

Pete Lancashire pete at
Sun Apr 15 20:42:50 CDT 2018

Other names via cctalk

Ed Sharpesteve shumaker
*Noel Chiappa*
*John H. Reinhardt*

First of, I am sorry for any additional noise on CCTALK.

I will find out who replied first on each of the group of equipment. To
keep the noise down if you name is above contact me directly then I can
keep CCTALK out of the loop

Once I have that I will let the 'group' know.


I CAN NOT lift anything.

The stuff is 25 miles from where I live.

My partisipatoin will be limited to one thing, pointing out where the stuff

The Suns are easy to get to.

The Alphas will require moving about 300-500 lbs of other junk to make a
path for a hand truck

The 029 IS HEAVY, how much I can't remember but at least 200 more like 300
LBS and it will wil require
moving another 200+ LBS of stuff out of the way.

So we are looking at someone needing to move up to 1/2 TON of junk.

Again all I can do is watch.

The ground where the stuff is can not be driven on, a car will sink in the
mud, The driveway is about 100-200 feet from the door.

So the stuff will have to be carried and or maneuvered on a hand truck to
the driveway.

I will get back by tomorrow.


On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 7:43 PM, Pete Lancashire <pete at>

> 3 x DEC Alphas, small deskside models
> 5 to 6 x Sun pizza boxes one a Sparc 1 prototype
> 029 IBM Keypunch
> The day I can have a 15 cubic yard scrap metal drop box the stuff will
> start to be tossed in.
> All based on when the rains stop and the ground is hard enough
> I can't want much longer
> For those that have not seen me post this before
> The stuff is near (3 - 4 miles outside of) Banks Oregon USA (look it up on
> Google).
> -pete

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