Stuff in my desk, utterly forgotten

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Apr 14 17:23:47 CDT 2018

I've found a couple more documents lurking in my desk that I've
completely forgotten about.

The first is a UniSoft Uniplus+ System V User Guide.  Circa 1984.
Basically a SysV Unix user's guide. I have no idea what platform this
was intended for, as it's pretty much a generic document.  A couple
hundred pages.

The second is a sales kit for CMS Enhancements.  Nice slick brochures
for PC, Apple and Sun.  No technical documentation, per se--just
something you'd pass out at a trade show (which is probably where I got
it).  Circa 1990.  Includes the brochure for the CMS 386 PC.

It'll all fit in a USPS PM envelope, I'm guessing.

I want postage only.


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