The Famous Computer Cafe

Devin Monnens dmonnens at
Mon Apr 9 16:34:10 CDT 2018

Hello, I am trying to find anyone who has recordings of a radio program
from 1982-1986 called The Famous Computer Cafe. This was broadcast on KIEV
in Glendale, KFOX in Redondo Beach, and NPR through Santa Monica College
(here in 1984-1985).

The program contained numerous interviews with all the movers and shakers
of computers and software during that period, including Bill Gates, Steve
Jobs, and Jack Tramiel. As such, this show is of high historical
importance. There was somewhere between 100 and 200 episodes all told.

I understand it was an extremely popular program among hobbyists at the
time, so was hoping someone from the list might have recordings. If you
have any recordings or know someone who might, please let me know! I have
contacted the show's hosts, but we have only been able to locate a handful
of recordings.

Thank you!

Devin Monnens

The sleep of Reason produces monsters.

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