SGI Indigo Power Supply Pinout?

ethan at ethan at
Mon Apr 9 10:51:17 CDT 2018

> I Have an indigo that has not gotten much use aside from when i first
> picked it up. It has the bigger power supply as well and is maxed out on
> memory. As a last resort, I could sell you my machine. It boots, I had
> rigged a peice of jumper wire to the battery to overcome a flat battery, i
> did not want to attempt desoldering the battery on board. I have been
> focusing less on the smaller workstations like the indigo and octane and
> have been using my onyx and crimson, so I am looking to get rid of the
> smaller workstations.

Ah nice re: the deskside SGIs! I remember those fondly.

At this point I'm going to try to figure out how this mechanism works in 
the power supply, but if I can't get it rolling soon I will reach out to 
you. Rent is high and excess doesn't sell well on eBay any more so being 
conservative these days.

My coworker is supposed to bring me one of his Indigo power supplies 
today, and I will see if the PSU is at fault or not, and then try to 
figure out how the power supply communicates the status.

Oddly enough they were trying to do soft power off on the Indigo and it 
never made it into production but some of the hardware is in the power 

 			- Ethan

: Ethan O'Toole

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