Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 8 10:37:15 CDT 2018

Success!!!   Up to a point.

I have it booting on a floppy.  I have confirmed that you can,
apparently, not make disk images with an external USB Floppy

I am going to go back now and retest a bunch of the floppy drives
and cables to see if there really is a problem or if it was just the
images.  Of course, this means my original floppy is bad so I
need to find another copy as I think the stuff I need to use the
GIDE was on there.  I read somewhere that there is a copy on
the CD.  I wonder where that might be?  :-)

In case anyone is interested, I have a handful of floppy emulators
that use USB sticks.  Gonna give them a try, too.  What they work
with seems to be a real crapshoot.

Oh yeah, once I have the hard disk working it will be time to try
8" disks, too.

All t his could be real fun.


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