RL01/RL02 emulator needed -- (was Many thanks to Glen's Vintage Computer Info)

Alan Frisbie Flash688 at flying-disk.com
Sat Apr 7 13:09:26 CDT 2018

jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu (Noel Chiappa) wrote:

> Err, which RLV11/RLV12 emulators are you seeing? I know of several RL02
> emulators - Reinhard Heuberger's, and another I can't immediately find my
> saved info on - (and one crazy project that turned a real RL02 into a USB
> device :-), but you still need an RLV11/12 controller.

The only ones I can find now are the ones you mention.   Yes, I too can't find
my notes on the second one, whatever it is/was.   I was *sure* that someone
had made a Qbus emulator that used SD cards, but I simply can't find any mention
of it now.

Right now, it looks like Reinhard Heuberger's board is the best bet.   I haven't
checked with him yet to see if boards or kits are still available.   If I could
find a working TDL-12 I would jump on it in an instant.   All the older ones
(Dilog, etc.) appear to use ST-506 type drives, which introduces its own set of

Alan Frisbie

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