offering: computer, A/V and optical equipment, plus books and more, to be cleared out around mid-December

MG marcogb at
Thu Nov 30 18:49:07 CST 2017

Is anyone perhaps interested in any of the following?

It's essentially the remainder of some of my earlier offerings.
I took the time to provide some details (that previously may
have been missing)

I intend to clear out the majority of it by mid-December
(around the 15th), after that it will likely be hauled off
to the recycler.

---- tape drives and media
(pictures: <>, <>,
<>, <>,
<>, <>)
-- Ultrium (Linear Tape Open)
- Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks Ultrium 920 (LTO-3) external
   half-height tape drive SCSI U320 LVD/SE with auto-termination
- Quantum LTO-3 internal half-height tape drive SCSI U320 LVD/SE
   with auto-termination
- Seagate Viper 200 LTO-1 external full-height tape drive SCSI
   U320 LVD/SE with auto-termination
- Hewlett-Packard, Quantum, Maxell, Fujifilm, Sony, etc.
   LTO-{1,2,3} data and cleaning tape catridges, many new and
   unused, many available (see pictures)
-- Digital Data Storage
- Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks DAT72 (DDS-5) internal tape drive
   SCSI U320 LVD/SE (possibly with auto-termination; not fully
   sure, need to check)
- Sony SDT-D11000 DAT40 (DDS-4) external tape drive, SCSI
- Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks DAT160 (DDS-6) data and cleaning
   tapes, several tapes, nearly all new and unused
- Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks DAT72 (DDS-5) data and cleaning
   tapes, several boxes, 2~3, largely new and unused
- Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Maxell, Fujifilm, Sony, etc.
   DDS-{1,2,3,4} data and cleaning tape cartridges, various
   types, many available (see pictures)

---- computer components (multi-platform, cross-architecture)
- Hewlett-Packard-branded S2io/Exar/Neterion 10Gbit (10GBASE-
   SR) PCI-X NICs, including 850nm transceivers, supported on
   many platforms (including Windows, IRIX and OpenVMS), around
   5 available
- Hewlett-Packard, LSI, etc. PCI/-X adapters, e.g.: SCSI, FC,
   FC/SCSI duo (hybrid), etc. HBAs, NICs, IEEE-1394a (FireWire/
   i.Link) adapters and more, various types and (re)brandings

---- software
-- operating system
- Hewlett-Packard OpenVMS (I64) Open Source Tools (2010)
   CD-ROM, in original sleeve
- Hewlett-Packard Tru64 UNIX V5.1B Documentation (2010)
   CD-ROM, in original sleeve
- Hewlett-Packard Tru64 UNIX NHD-7 (New Hardware Delivery)
   kit (2010), in original packaging (unopened), primarily
   intended for e.g. HP AlphaStation/AlphaServer DS15/A
- Compaq OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 (1999) CD-ROM, disc 1 of 2,
   in sleeve
- Compaq OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 & V7.2-1 System Crash Mandatory
   Update (1999) CD-ROM, in sleeve
- Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, NL (Dutch), licenses
   included, 2 available
- Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2b, NL (Dutch), OEM, only
   media (no license)
-- applications
- Frame (later Adobe) FrameMaker for SunOS/Solaris,
   advanced typesetting software, boxed with documentation
   and installation media
- Sybase Database for OpenVMS (Alpha), in original jewel
- Syntax TotalNET Advanced Server for SunOS/Solaris(?),
- VITec RasterFLEX (v4.0) for SunOS/Solaris, boxed
   (pictures: <>,
<>, <>)
- Sega DreamKey, internet web browser software(?) for
   Sega Dreamcast, in original jewel case

---- books(mostly English and some Dutch)
- various (see picture: <>), on computing/
   computers, computer architectures (e.g. MC68000),the
   history of IBM, also computer graphics, covering software
   like Maya (v2.5), Houdini (v6~8) and LightWave 3D (v5.5~5.6),

---- computer input devices and other peripherals
- Wacom serial (perhaps also ADB and USB, need to check)
   digitizer tablets, in various sizes
- Logitech PS/2 trackball, barely used

---- Cardbus adapters
- Sitecom USB 2.0, providing 2 ports
- SIIG IEEE-1394a FireWire

---- Apple Macintosh serial & ADB adapters
- Keyspan Mac Serial Adapter (to USB)
- Griffin iMate ADB to USB adapters, 2 available, one
   includes the original packaging

---- serial cables and converters
- DeLock, generic, etc. DB9, DB25 and conversion cables,
   including straight-through and 'null-modem' varieties,
   fairly large amount available

---- SCSI, SAS/S-ATA and FC cabling
- multi-vendor internal SAS to S-ATA cables, several,
   including in unopened packages
- multi-vendor internal and external SCSI cables,
   several available
- multi-vendor internal and external SCSI terminators,
   mainly LVD/SE (incl. UW and U320) but also HVD, both
   active and passive, several available
- multi-vendor LC (LC to LC) fiber-optical cables
   (contact me about OM type), several available and in
   various lengths

---- PCs and components
- IBM-branded DDR2 RAM R-DIMMs (as kits), I believe 8GB
   in total (I need to check), removed from a working IBM
   x346 server at the time
- ASUS M8N-E, with AMD Athlon64 X2 CPU, 8GB DDR2 RAM and
- ASUS M2N-E SLI, with AMD Athlon64 X2 CPU, 4GB DDR2 RAM
   and documents
- Cooler Master 600W (AT) PSU
- Cooler Master(?) 460W (AT) PSU

---- SGI (MIPS-powered) IRIX systems and components
- SGI Tezro & O3x0 HDD sled/tray (Intel type), with
   optional blanking/airflow plastic included, at least 1
   (maybe 2, need to check)
- SGI DMediaPro DM10-compatible IEEE-1394a FireWire
   (3.3V) PCI card with cables, SGI DMediaPro DM10 manual,
   etc., boxed
- SGI IMPACT (MGRAS) 4MB TRAM module, possibly defective
-- not really interested in selling, but in theory for
    sale (depending on the offer, I might be persuaded)
- SGI Indigo² IMPACT/10000, with 195MHz MIPS R10000 CPU,
   1GB RAM, High IMPACT plus 4MB TRAM, IMPACT Video plus
   VBOB, Plextor CD-ROM drive, intact bezel, lockbar
   included, etc.
- SGI O2, with 400MHz MIPS R12000 CPU, 1GB RAM, digital
   A/V (AV2) module, Toshiba DVD-ROM drive, intact bezel,

---- general 19" rack equipment
- general 1U fan (low-noise ventilator) unit, with
   temperature monitoring & control
- general rack trays (vented), at least one (possibly
- general rack mounting bars, cable managers and other
- general mounting fasteners (RM mounting blocks and

---- video games and peripherals
- Nintendo Super Scope for Super NES (Nintendo
   Entertainment System), PAL/EUR region, including
   cartridge and documentation

---- graphics monitors, cables and accessories
- Dell UltraSharp U2412M, 24" IPS LCD monitors, 1~2
- ATEN USB & VGA (HD15) KVMs, with documentation, about
   2~3 available
- SGI 13W3 (HD13W3 to HD13W3) cable, about 2½~3 meters
   in length
- generic short DVI-D cables (around ~0.5 meters /
   ~1.6 foot), ideal for SGI VBOB plus DM5 with DM2/DM3
- generic component monitor cables, one with RCA (tulip)
   and another with BNC cabling
- generic DVI-D splitters (not sure if I still have
   them, I need to check)

---- video equipment
- JVC DTV Component Multi DT-V20L1D, 22" LCD, full HD,
   10-bit (Deep Color), professional multi-format
   broadcast monitor, with lots of built-in I/O (HD
   component, HD-SDI, HDCP-capable DVI, composite video,
   etc.), with a few dead pixels
- JVC DTV Component Multi DT-V1710CG, 17" CRT, full HD,
   10-bit (Deep Color), professional multi-format
   broadcast monitor, with various input modules
   (including SD-, HD-SDI and HD component, also available
   individually, in original boxes)
- Gefen 1080p Scaler for HDMI, boxed, professional-grade
   digital video scaler (picture: <>)
- Miranda ASD-271p, professional analog-to-digital A/V
   signal converter, including external PSU, ‘as-is’
   (untested, or not recently tested)
- generic HDMI to 3G/HD-SDI (also SD-SDI capable) bridge
- generic ~20 meter / ~66 feet, HD/3G/+-SDI BNC cable
- DeLock ~10 meter / ~33 feet, HD/3G/+-SDI BNC cables,
   two available and one in the original packaging
- DeLock and generic ~0.5~1 meter / ~1.6 foot, HD/3G/+
   -SDI BNC cables, around 3~5 available
- generic and various other lengths of HD/3G/+-SDI BNC
   cables, several available, some in original packaging
- generic 75Ω BNC terminators for SDI, many available

---- photo-/cinematographic equipment
-- cameras
- Sony HDR-FX1000E, HD video camera (3-CMOS), with
   optional accessories, like large Sony carrying bag
   (pictures: <>)
- Blackmagic (Design) Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), RAW
   & 10-bit ProRES, full HD video camera, in original box,
plus optional accessories
-- BMPCC accessories:
  - BMPCC batteries, multiple of Blackmagic Design and one
    of Nikon (original)
- Kamerar QV-1 viewfinder magnifier (loupe)
- ...and more (contact me)
(pictures for all of the above and some of the below:
-- lenses and adapters
- Panasonic Lumix G II 14mm ƒ/2.5 prime MFT (Micro Four
   Thirds) lens
- Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 14-42mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 Power-
   O.I.S. pancake electronic zoom MFT lens
- Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm ƒ/4-5.6 Mega-O.I.S. zoom
   MFT lens
- Metabones Speed Booster Nikon F/G to MFT (focal
   reduction) lens mount adapter
- other MFT lens mount adapters (including with focal
   reduction), see pictures
- Samyang 16mm T/2.2 VDSLR Nikon F mount DX/APS-C lens
- Sigma EX DG 17-50mm ƒ/2.8 Nikon F mount DX/APS-C lens
- KMZ Jupiter-8 50mm ƒ/2 Leica M39 35mm full-frame lens
- Sigma Art DN 013 60mm ƒ/2.8 E-mount APS-C lens
- Manfrotto 700RC2 lightweight video monopod/tripod head
- Manfrotto 585-1 ModoSteady 3-in-1, compact stabilizer

---- audio equipment
- Music Group/Behringer Ultra-Match SRC-9624, 96KHz
   24-bit audio interface, barely used

There might be more, but this is it for now.

Not all is directly related to computers, but most of
it has been used together with them, or can be used
together with them or to document/conserve retro

Everything is located in the Netherlands.

  - MG

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