Preventing VAX running VMS / Multinet from being used as SMTP relay

william degnan billdegnan at
Thu Nov 30 14:26:28 CST 2017

I have a microvax set up with VMS 5, running MULTINET (and decnet
locally).   The server has a FQDN and after a while being exposed to the
WWW someone out there started using the server as an SMTP relay.  I can
disable and clear the queue, but I'd like to block entirely this from
happening in the first place.  I'd like to learn more about how this
happens in VMS.

Anyone have had this same problem before?  I realize back when VMS 5 was
current it was not so much of an issue, but today it is.  I am working on a
solution.  I can envision a few ways including blocking the smtp relay port
from the firewall, but if possible I'd like to set up a VMS Multinet
solution as a learning exercise.

I am open to suggestions, and once I find the solution I'll post it.

I understand that this kind of thing is not cookie cutter, there are
different levels one could address something like this.  I have a comcast
business router, and one of the 5 IPs I have is NAT assigned to the
internal 10.1.10 port of the microvax.

This is the same machine I wrote about previously as with then, thanks for
your help.  I find the best way to learn is on the actual hardware warts
and all.


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