Kodak Diconix 150plus - looking for info

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Sat Nov 25 17:27:29 CST 2017

Hi folks,

I just picked up a Kodak Diconix 150 Plus portable inkjet printer. No
power supply or documentation, but it works fine. It appears to be a
variant of HP's Thinkjet (it certainly uses the same cartridges) tweaked
for portable use. Looking inside, it's full of Chinon ICs, and was
apparently made in Japan (from the baseplate).

This one needed some parts on the DC interface board resoldering, but
after that it worked fine.

Which brings me onto my question... Does anyone have any information on
this printer?

I'm mainly looking for a DIP switch table (annoyingly, it won't produce
a config print - just a test page). I'd also love to find some details
on the control codes, emulations and character sets it supports.

Also - does anyone know what the material on the printhead capping
station is, or if they're still available?
It looks like a cardboard or blotting paper pad with a plastic backing
card. This one is soaked in ink and looks like it could do with being
replaced. I assume it's to stop the cartridge from drying out?

I've put a HP 51604A (expired 2012!) cartridge in there, and it seems
happy enough.

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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