Xerox 820

william degnan billdegnan at
Thu Nov 23 09:47:54 CST 2017

> > I have an 820-II but I also have a lot of 820  1/4 un software diskettes
> > (but no 5 1/4" drive.  I can image and upload my disks if you'd like.  I
> > have about 50 or so disks, various software.
> >
> > My 820-11 was new-old -stock when I got it whatever years ago, still have
> > the orig boxes and all.  Takes 8in disks, has a working hard drive.  I
> > think I have dBase and that kind of thing.
> Everyone note Bill wrote the original post.
> For me an 820 would be another nice CP/M system addition.  From S100
> based through
> AmproLB+ and with disks ranging from  8", 5.25, and  3.5".  Once I got
> the boot disk going
> supporting software is easy as several of the CP/M systems Have hard
> disks (AmproLB+, S100 box,
> SB180, Visual1050) and I have my Walnut Creek CD.  HOwever ther eis also
> Gaby's site and
> a few others on line.
Not sure if your reply was intended for me, but I was just saying that once
the 820 is up and rolling, whomever does it, I have software that I can
image and upload, just ask.  I'll probably do it anyway and post on my
site, I totally forgot I have 820 software (not 820-II).  I have no 820 and
I never bothered to move any of it to the 820-II.


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