early IBM S360 docs

steve shumaker shumaker at att.net
Thu Nov 23 18:28:05 CST 2017

Free for shipping from 95006, a stack of original IBM documents for the 
S/360 including Field Engineering Manuals and Systems Reference Library 
documents plus others - dumpster rescues from an engineer's estate.  All 
have been hi res scanned.

Titles from the IBM Systems Reference Library as well as several Field 
Engineer Manuals.  Everything except one doc is an original publication 
(and the dup looks like it was done contemporary to the other 
originals).  Dates on everything are late 60s or early 70s.

some titles:

Field Engineering Manual Vol 1 3277

Field Engineering Manual Vol 1 3271

Engineering Reference Manual Automatic Punches

System 360 Model 40 Functional characteristics

System 360 System Summary

System 360 Basic Operating System Specifications File utilities

IBM 46-47 Tape to Card Punch Manual of Operation

IBM Systems Reference Library 7 Oct 1968 Cumulative Index of Pubs and 

No parsing out individual titles - this is all or nothing.  Box weight 
is ~28lbs ( and it's all paper - there are no 3 ring binders adding to 
the weight).

It can ship media rate - figure 29 lbs by the time I get packing matl 
and tape included.
First requester gets it..

Steve Shumaker
Boulder Creek, CA

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