DEC indicator panel 'light shield'

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Nov 23 06:39:35 CST 2017

So Dave Bridgham and I are continuing to make (slow) progress with the QSIC
and indicator panel project; the latest step was to find some LEDs which look
much more like the original lights:

So now I'm trying to make up a prototype 'light shield' (the flat board with
all the holes drilled in it); the parts list in the drawings (RF11 engineering
drawings, pg. 187) just calls it a 'Benelex', which is the name for the
material it was made of (sort of like MDF), but 'light shield' is what I've
taken to calling it.

Anyway, the drawings there do not, alas, give any dimensions. Can one of the
people who has an original please measure it for me? Just WxLxD is all I need;
I have a good photo, and can get all the other measurements I need from that,
once I know the 'scale'. (Well, not the depth, which I can't see in the image,
which is why I need that to.)



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