Looking for Silent 700 model 787 manual

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Mon Nov 20 14:42:29 CST 2017

On Monday (11/20/2017 at 09:40AM -0600), Jason T via cctalk wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 9:18 PM, Chris Elmquist via cctalk
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> > Yes indeed.  I have several of those, model 745 as one example, and it
> > is a DA15 for which I have the pinout and made a cable for hooking to
> > various old micros here.
> Is that posted/can you post that cable pinout somewhere?  I've got a
> number of those models and have never been able to attach anything to
> those ports.

Hey Jason--

It's here, (Thank You Al)


page 2-3, table 2-1  (pdf page 13).

I think the terminal is normally supplied with a "loopback" plug
(that's almost always missing) that goes into that DA15-M and loops the
"printer/keyboard interface" to the "communications interface" when you
are using the onboard acoustic coupler.  If you want to talk to a local
host not over the modem, then you remove that loopback plug and plug in
your own cable that goes to your host.

I made this cable with DA-15 female on one end and DE9-male on the other
so that this terminal would look like a PC serial port and connect to
various DCEs such as a terminal server and other stuff I have here wired
for direct connect to a PC comm port,

DA15-F		DE9-M

1		5	GND
11		1	CD
12		2	RXD (to the terminal)
13		3	TXD (from the terminal)
15		4	DTR

Keep on the lookout for a model 787 manual.  This thing is cleaning up
quite nicely and I hope to put the juice to it later today or tomorrow.
It was found on the floor of a garage-- that would be the dirt floor.
Not cool and it looked pretty rough on the outside but hoping it's still
happy on the inside ;-)

Chris Elmquist

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