Ideas for a simple, but somewhat extendable computer bus

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Nov 20 12:18:49 CST 2017

On 11/20/2017 05:40 AM, allison via cctalk wrote:

> Creating a bus to accommodate any one cpu at a time is far more
> straightforward and there are plenty of
> examples than one that is running a mix of many cpus.

Oddly enough, I'm in agreement. :)

Today, it really makes little sense to have memory, CPU and high-speed
peripherals on separate bus slots.   At least for the cases being
discussed, memory is dense and inexpensive enough that there's really no
good reason to put it somewhere else.

Data transfer between peripheral devices and CPUs is a different matter
and can be handled by existing serial buses--which is what I thought the
original question was.


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