Ideas for a simple, but somewhat extendable computer bus

Ken Seefried seefriek at
Sun Nov 19 22:11:40 CST 2017

I've always thought STD-Bus missed a real opportunity here.  Small
enough to be cost effective (relative to the size of, say, S-100
(bonus, no stupid power supply issues)), sane, flexible enough bus
structure that I believe there are at least CPU cards using:

- 4004/4040 (pre-standard?)
- 8080/8085/Z-80 and the myriad of variants
- 8088/8086/80188/10186 through at least 80486, including variants and
second sources
- 8048/8051 and the vast numbers of variants
- 8096/8097 and variants
- 6800 and variants
- 68HC11 and variants
- 6809/6309
- 6502 and variants
- 68xxx and variants up to at least the 68040 and 68332
- TMS9900/9995
- RCA 1802
- Signetics 2650
- Novix Forth

More importantly, the vast number of compatible I/O cards that were
produced.  Much alternative history to be pondered.


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