LA30 parts and question

Fritz Mueller fritzm at
Sun Nov 19 17:03:12 CST 2017

Hi all, an update on the sourcing questions below:

> On Nov 11, 2017, at 5:53 PM, Fritz Mueller <fritzm at> wrote:
> I noticed that a few of the thin steel ribbon springs in the paper path are missing or broken on my unit, and some of the rubber bushings have hardened and deteriorated.  Long shot ask, but wondering if anybody out there has spares of:
>    74-08648   (Spring, paper drag)
>    12-10357-3 (Bushing, rubber mount)
>    12-10358-3 (Ring, rubber mount)
> Also, the maintenance manual recommends Molykote B2KR for lubrication in a few places, but I can't seem to find specs on what this was.  Can anybody recommend an equivalent modern alternative grease?

For the paper drag springs, I ended up just fashioning some replacements from some .002 steel shim stock (easy enough; just some 1/2” x 3” strips with holes.)

For the bushing and rings, these have the right dimensions and look very close to the original parts:

I’ll probably order some of these up to replace the decaying mounts for the carriage assembly. I ended up just using some inexpensive 3/8” chassis grommets for the more straightforward end stop bumpers.

For the grease, which is called out for the carriage loading cams and a couple of linkage pins/pivots, I opted for Molykote BR2 Plus, though I suppose any decent lithium grease would work okay here?

Overall, I have been pretty amazed by the sheer number of machined parts, castings, high quality bearings, etc. within this beast.  Lots of stainless steel throughout.  Sure wouldn’t find anything built this way these days!  What a tank.



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