Slightly OT: Computer internals book recommendations

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> Basically, I'm looking for a certain book (although really any book in
> the same vein would satisfy), which was on computer system architecture,
> organization, etc.; it talked about the usual boolean logic, assembly
> programming in some fictitious instruction set, an overview of two
> actual architectures (I think at that time they were 32-bit x86 and
> 64-bit POWER). The other thing I remember very specifically was there
> was a place near the back (probably an appendix) that talked about
> one or more specific buses (I think at least PCI was there), with timing
> diagrams to tell you what was actually going back and forth between the
> bus and CPU.

Sounds like either 

Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach by David Patterson and John Hennessy

Computer Organization and Design: the Hardware/Software Interface by David Patterson and John Hennessy

I see there’s a MIPS edition of the second book. My copy of the second book has Hennessy as the first author.

Time for a re-read - it’s been a while since I read both of them.

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