Playing with HP2640B

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Fri Nov 17 14:15:18 CST 2017

> Wow!  Excellent job Mattis  <thumb up>
> I have seen that HP2640 when it still was in bad shape. The HP2640,
> that I have, has many tiny spots on the screen. Your “result after”
> really looks fantastic.

Thanks Henk! I have a few more screens that need fixing. The most difficult
will be the Tek 4016. So I need to do some practice before that one.

> What’s not clear to me, after removing the old “protection” sheet, did
> you apply some new “protection” sheet, or leave the tube “as-is” ?
> I doubt whether that “protection” sheet would really help much if
> the tube would implode (for whatever miraculous reason) …

No, I didn't add anything between the crt and the glass. If it actually is
a protective shield then of course there is not at all the same protection
afterwards. But as Christian Corti mentioned it might just be an etched
glass to remove reflections.  I know at the RICM when doing the same thing
on a DEC VR14 they added a sheet of lexan between the crt and the glass. I
think Michael Thompson can tell more about this.

> Henk


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