TI NaturalLink Disks and Docs

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 21:16:08 CST 2017

I have imaged disks and scanned docs for an old software authoring
tool from Texas Instruments, "NaturalLink".  It runs on early IBM PCs
and was included with some docs I was given for the TI Professional
Computer, an almost-PC clone.  There are a number of ads and articles
about NaturalLink in the various trade mags available via Google

The docs are here:


And the disk images are here:


Regular 360k MS-DOS images.  I haven't tried them in DOSBox yet but
it'll probably run there.

I have the original manuals, along with some other Professional
Computer manuals that were already on Bitsavers, free for shipping if
anyone wants them.  They're not light.  I can include the NaturalLink
disks as well, otherwise those will stay in my library.  Unfortunately
I don't have any of the (special format) OS media for the



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