Bringing up the Sprite OS (Berkeley)

Steven M Jones classiccmp at
Wed Nov 15 20:05:17 CST 2017

I'm not sure where one might normally expect to discuss research
operating systems from the 1980s and 90s, but since it ran on Sun-2
through Sun-4 and DECstations, I'll start here.

I have the Sprite disk image for the DECstation 5000/200 running under
GXemul (see, but this is a
minimal ~80MB image. I'm wondering if anybody has already gone through
the exercise of figuring out how to create a new disk image large enough
to, for example, load the source tree and see how far it is from compiling.

My calendar is full until mid-December, so I won't be taking a swing at
this in the next few weeks. But I had a moment and thought I'd start
asking if anybody's been down this road in the past decade or two.


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