Details about IBM's early 'scientific' computers

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There is a doc called 709-7090 General Information Manual D22-6508, which I
don't see in bitsavers (I don't have).  The operator's guide for 7090 Data
Processing System is A22-6535 is on bitsavers, but that's not going to help
you much.  The big hole in the bitsavers collection for the 709-7090 is
A22-6503, the 709-7090 Data Processing System Reference Manual.  It's kind
of like Gordon Bell's book with a combination of hardware and programming
to explain how the system works.  I think that's what you want.

Maybe someone has a copy of this?  If not I can scan mine.  My 7090 is out
for repairs anyway so I don't need it at the moment. Those repair guys
don't move as fast as they used to.

Most of the rest of the docs I have related to 709-7090 are Fortran related.

On the back pages of the 709/7090 Data Processing System Bulletins you'll
find a bibliography of all 709-7090 publications and their titles.


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> Wonderful document.  Thank you IBM Customer Engineering!
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> Have you really looked at everything that is on Bitsavers? It¹s much more
> than just the engineering manuals. If I may offer a suggestion, have a
> look at this document and see if it fits your needs:
> CE_Reference_System
> _Fundamentals_7100_7151_7606_Sep61.pdf
> Camiel
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> >Please, everyone, I do actually know of BitSavers; you don't need to
> >point me
> >at it.
> >
> >When I said:
> >
> >    >> I could look at the engineering manuals, but I was hoping for
> something
> >    >> in between them and Bashe et al.
> >
> >I assumed everyone would understand that by "engineering manuals", I was
> >meaning the kind of things one finds in BitSavers.
> >
> >       Noel

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