ModComp II on Ebay

william degnan billdegnan at
Mon Nov 13 12:06:32 CST 2017

Ebay item 272914490265

This is a ModComp IIC I think.  It's all broken up in parts and half

I don't think new it was barely $18,000 though, but some day, maybe the
seller will give up and put up a realistic price.  Who knows what's in it
exactly but generally it looks like a communications model with a 7 or 9
track tape unit.  The point of ModComp was to build custom systems but if
the info on this system does not exist on BitSavers, let me know and I will
scan some docs.  I have info on the part numbers from the photos.

The ModComp docs talk about IBM system emulation vs. DEC, so think along
those lines more so, this is *not* a DataGeneral / DEC me-too despite
looking a little like a PDP 8i


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