HP 9836U processor mystery...

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 23:05:53 CST 2017

On 11/8/2017 2:31 AM, Tony Duell wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 7:05 AM, Josh Dersch <derschjo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 11/6/2017 8:59 PM, Tony Duell wrote:
>> What BOOTROM version do you have in your machine?  I have 4.0, I'm curious
>> if there's a later version.
> Mine is 4.0
> -tony

Found a doc on Bitsavers 
(http://bitsavers.org/pdf/hp/9000_200/9000-200_periphSupp_Dec89.pdf, see 
page 4-2's footnotes) that indicates that there were two variants of the 
9836U -- the earlier with the 12.5Mhz 68000, the later with a 68010.  
Apparently the processor difference wasn't enough to require a model 
designation of its own.

Apparently what I want for my system, HP-UX-wise is version 2.1. 5.1 
just hangs after loading the kernel (no diagnostics) with either 
processor, I assume the processor board itself must have some revisional 
differences.  Maybe someday I'll track that down...

- Josh

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