RL02 Spinup fails

Aaron Jackson aaron at aaronsplace.co.uk
Sat Nov 11 14:42:46 CST 2017

> Aaron,
> Do not underestimate the need for termination, even with a very short external cable.
> When you factor in the internal cables runs,  crosstalk or signal reflections which interfere
> with operation may still be present, especially when data transfers start.
> If you have access to another bootable drive (8inch floppy?), suggest you load the
> XXDP+ diagnostics for RL Drives.
> Jerry

Hi Jerry, thanks for the information.

I had built several terminators, but being terrible at geometry I always
did something wrong. I have now fixed one of the terminators I built. I
had pins 1 and 40 mixed up, the rest of the terminator is basically a
mirror copy.

Unfortunately I still have the same error.

I have an RX02 drive but no controller yet, so I'll have to continue
investigating in the dark.


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