BBS'ing and early discussions.

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Nov 9 04:15:07 CST 2017

I wonder if there is any better archive of the original DejaNews and 
peoples personal archives than Google Groups.

When the Google Groups took over I know a lot of stuff I had 
participated in was dropped for not reason from Googles take on the 
import of data.

And the BBSs I used were generally participating in such discussions as 
technical ones on hardware and the like, and went directly in some cases 
to usenet discussions as that became available.

I'd be interested in hearing recollections.  I'd not recalled DejaNews 
in a long time.

Main reason is this weeks Minix kerfuffle in the press.  I exchanged 
emails and comments with Tanenbaum when he published the system in his 
original book.  I don't have any info around at hand to look at what I 
did beside run it, but one of my main interests in any platform at that 
time was to be able to compile the system on itself.


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