List Problems?

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Tue Nov 7 18:00:17 CST 2017

>About the only thing I'll ask is if you ever meet me in person at an
event, buy me a glass of beer and I'll be happy.

I'm some 10.000 km from you, I doubt I'll have the pleasure of buying you a
beer in person. Maybe a button we could remotely click? :)

2017-11-07 20:12 GMT-02:00 Jay West via cctalk <cctalk at>:

> Yes, I am aware of the list problems. Yes, it went down a couple weeks ago
> and again about a week ago. The issue is that I've been migrating the
> classiccmp server VM from an old falling apart cluster to a new one. Rather
> than just migrate it, I decided to take the time to upgrade everything. All
> software, all dependancies, OS, etc etc.
> My approach was to create a new classiccmp server on the new cluster, and
> then migrate one website/ftp site/repository/mailinglist at a time. This
> way I could make sure things are running ok before just moving everything.
> What that means is that as of this moment, some classiccmp related websites
> are on the 'old' but running server, and some are on the 'new' but running
> server. That is why - for just one example - that when the old (but still
> in production) server went down a couple weeks ago (see below)... bitsavers
> still stayed up and running. It had already been migrated.
> So on the old falling apart cluster where the old server is, there is a
> horrendous iscsi issue. This is partly a problem with freebsd and some
> silly assumptions made by the developers, or at least lack of time to fix
> it. It's also due to some bad network related items. But mostly it is due
> to the fact that all of our production clients we moved off the old stuff a
> year ago and that hardware isn't well maintained and targeted for
> decommission. That can't happen until my hobby classiccmp list/site, and
> all the vintage computer related sites that I host for free.... get moved.
> Yes, there are active backups of everything. But whenever the iscsi issue
> presents itself, I have to restore the entire VM, and that takes a long
> long time.
> So no Aaron - better hosting isn't needed. Nor is any donation. I just
> need to find a bunch of roundtuits so I can finish the migration. Then it
> will be stable again. This is a hobby, and life does intervene at times.
> About the only thing I'll ask is if you ever meet me in person at an event,
> buy me a glass of beer and I'll be happy.
> J

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