List Problems?

Jay West jwest at
Tue Nov 7 16:12:57 CST 2017

Yes, I am aware of the list problems. Yes, it went down a couple weeks ago and again about a week ago. The issue is that I've been migrating the classiccmp server VM from an old falling apart cluster to a new one. Rather than just migrate it, I decided to take the time to upgrade everything. All software, all dependancies, OS, etc etc.

My approach was to create a new classiccmp server on the new cluster, and then migrate one website/ftp site/repository/mailinglist at a time. This way I could make sure things are running ok before just moving everything. What that means is that as of this moment, some classiccmp related websites are on the 'old' but running server, and some are on the 'new' but running server. That is why - for just one example - that when the old (but still in production) server went down a couple weeks ago (see below)... bitsavers still stayed up and running. It had already been migrated.

So on the old falling apart cluster where the old server is, there is a horrendous iscsi issue. This is partly a problem with freebsd and some silly assumptions made by the developers, or at least lack of time to fix it. It's also due to some bad network related items. But mostly it is due to the fact that all of our production clients we moved off the old stuff a year ago and that hardware isn't well maintained and targeted for decommission. That can't happen until my hobby classiccmp list/site, and all the vintage computer related sites that I host for free.... get moved.

Yes, there are active backups of everything. But whenever the iscsi issue presents itself, I have to restore the entire VM, and that takes a long long time.

So no Aaron - better hosting isn't needed. Nor is any donation. I just need to find a bunch of roundtuits so I can finish the migration. Then it will be stable again. This is a hobby, and life does intervene at times. About the only thing I'll ask is if you ever meet me in person at an event, buy me a glass of beer and I'll be happy.


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