looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

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>> I guess you'd also just dismiss Harlan Ellison, Woody Allen, Isaac Asimov and the dozens of other writers who prefer to use a typewriter over a modern computer as "old cranks"...
> They used typewriters in the 1980s, maybe some into the 1990s, when 
> typewriters were still common. You're talking about the Model 100 which 
> is now a 34-year-old computer. Big difference.
It's actually one of a group of fairly unique 34-year-old and newer tablet computers that can be and often are updated to remedy most of the deficiencies of the original version while retaining the simplicity and other features that make it popular among some people. 

How many modern computers have a full size regular keyboard in a tablet format with a display that's clearly legible in bright sunlight, instant on, cheap batteries that last for days and can be replaced in seconds, etc. ?

Your point was that no 'real writer' in his/her right mind would use anything older than a last-gen laptop today; the reason Asimov et al are often mentioned in this context is precisely because they preferred to use typewriters when much more efficient technology was readily available.

I think that some creative writers value simplicity above all, with a minimum of distracting technology between the idea and recording it; reporters and journalists like yourself on the other hand have somewhat different needs such as instant access to research, powerful formatting tools, compatibility, communication and fast file transfer, etc. etc.

The bottom line is that members of both groups use what they believe is most effective for whatever they're doing and, whether you believe it or not, not all writers then and now need or want the latest technology; I find your suggestion that anyone who uses old technology like the M100 can not call themselves a 'real writer' like you somewhat insulting and elitist.

I suspect that you've been trolling anyway, so can we leave it at that?


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