looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

Evan Koblentz cctalk at snarc.net
Fri Nov 3 21:03:35 CDT 2017

> But I didn't say *professional* writers still use M100s. I said "some 
> writers", and I think the folks who self-publish stories on the 
> Internet, enter writing contests, contribute to the various on-line 
> magazines etc. or just write for pleasure and entertainment of friends 
> and family are every bit as much 'writers' as your elite group of 'real 
> writers', and some of them do indeed prefer the M100 and its cousins to 
> their modern laptops and desktops for its unique features.

Oh geez. Nobody said anything about "elite" just because it's my career. 
I'd be shocked if 1 in 10,000 writers today every HEARD of the Model 
100, let alone use it. But if what you really mean is that you hang out 
with a bunch of old cranks, one or two of which call themselves writers 
and still use a Model 100, then I guess that's true. :)

> As Bill Loguidice observed in a thread elsewhere about your opinionated 
> post, "...there really is no true modern equivalent to what the M100 
> series can do", especially when equipped with modern multi-MB RAM and 
> storage expansions, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options, 
> multiple tools and programs instantly accessible from ROM etc., etc.

Bill L. is a good friend of mine and I'd happily debate him on this. The 
answer is: Chromebook. Turn it on, boots just about instantly, runs on 
all day on a single charge, has an awesome offline text editor 
available, light as a feather, and starts around $200. I love mine.

> A little before your time of course...

?? I'm in my 40s.

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