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Fri Nov 3 12:57:12 CDT 2017

Hey, TRS-80 M100 rocks! I've got several, and they all work perfectly to
this day. Built by Kyocera, who isn't known for making junk..

The 30+ hr. battery life alone is enough to earn them a high rating, and
they have a built-in terminal program. I've used them to control headless
Linux boxes several times via serial port. I believe they do 9600 or
possibly 19200.

If anyone is still in want of a PDA, I have a very nice Palm IIIxe w/
cradle that should have a decent home. It's already had the ROM flashed to
the newest supported version. Prefer trade for C-64 stuff.

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> >
> > BS.
> >
> > I've been a professional full-time journalist for 20 years. No one in
> their
> > right mind is using anything older than a last-gen laptop. Maybe two
> > generations if they're poor like me.
> Not full-time, but still a paid scribbler for everything from PC Mag to
> MacUser.
> In this century, I have written columns on a Mac Classic II (in the
> 21st century) and on an early-1990s 386sx laptop under WordPerfect
> 5.1. I have toted a Thinkpad Butterfly internationally, repeatedly. I
> am currently building a bootable Live USB with PC-DOS 7.1 and MS Word
> 6 for DOS as a distraction-free writing tool.
> Yeah, some people totally do. Weirdos, probably, but yes.
> And I am typing this on an IBM Model M (made 1994-05-06) which is
> attached to my Core i5 Thinkpad X220, bought used in January for £150,
> which is my newest and most powerful laptop. In fact probably my
> newest computer of any kind.
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