looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

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Thu Nov 2 19:03:21 CDT 2017

> I'll forward your supercilious and ill-informed comment to the folks I know who do in fact use an M100; I'm sure they will be amused...


I've been a professional full-time journalist for 20 years. No one in 
their right mind is using anything older than a last-gen laptop. Maybe 
two generations if they're poor like me.

> m
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>>> Radio Shack M100 ... still used by some writers for the very reason you mention.
>> That is not true.
>> It was an urban legend in the 1990s that a handful of old farts in the
>> entirely sportswriting industry (thousands of writers overall) may
>> "still" be using their Model 100s. I'm sure if you looked hard enough
>> some of them still used typewriters too.
>> In 2017? It's ridiculous to even speculate.

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