Front panels

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Sat Oct 31 16:23:34 CDT 2015

Hello Charles
               Well I have had a look and there lots to see.
The switches I think are Lemo.
The lights are most likely not LEDs. Probably lamps.

Scaling it down is not possible.
The lamps and switches are already tiny.

The challenging part is the drum type rotating title changers

I'm a DEC guy and have no knowledge of Honeywell
My resources are geared to silk screening perspex panels.
Your panel appears to be all metalwork.

I would advise you to try to get a group together as I think it would be 
too much for one person.



On 31/10/15 20:11, Charles Anthony wrote:
> The front panel I want to build is for my DPS8-M (aka Honeywell 6180)
> emulator.
> (Now it's a pretty big panel, so I'm thinking 1/4 scale.)
> I'm mostly interested in the lights; having functional switches would be
> nice, but not critical.
> (My background: good grasp of basic digital electronics; did some wirewrap
> boards back in the early eighties. Poor soldering skills, no workshop. Mad
> software skillz.)
> I would like to build it reasonably cheaply.
> So I would start with a simple SBC; Beaglebone or the like, that can
> function as a USB device. I can write the S/W to push a bunch of bits down
> to it.
> What I don't know how to do is drive 500 or so LEDs.
> I am guessing a bunch of shift registers, but I've pretty much reached my
> design limits. I need some guidance on locating and understanding the
> technology to run that many LEDs.
> TIA,
> -- Charles

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