free: Trifold folder "DIGITAL WindowsNT" floppies/CDs & DEC ServerWORKS CDs

J. Peterson jpeterson at
Sat Oct 31 11:49:12 CDT 2015

Been collecting dust, free for the cost of shipping.


***  Item 1:

Trifold folder "DIGITAL WindowsNT"

Seems like an incomplete or mixed install set.  Photos upon request.


3.5 diskettes:

- Microsoft WindowsNT x86 V3.51 Boot Disks 1, 2, 3

- Windows NT 3.51/4.0 configuration Guide for DIGITAL Alpha systems (1997)

- ECU Disk V1.8 DEC Alpha for OpenVMS and Digital Unix

- Alpha Systems H/W RX23, Alpha XL 300/366 Family, Alpha Station 255, Alpha
Server 100 5/xx, 1000A, 2100A, 4100 HW support disk for windows 3.51

- MS Windows NT 3.51 Release Notes for digital Alpha System



- Digital Internet Roadmap for Windows NT CD V2

- CD: Digital Windows NT 3.51 Alpha Generation X86 P/N: AG-PYZVD-BH
(assuming it is not alpha ver of NT)


*** Item 2:

In a ServerWORKS labeled envelope, with the usual upgrade kit readme first

Digital ServerWORKS *Manager* CDs V3.3 Apt '98 P/N: AG-QURLH-BH and V3.2

These were clearly upgrade kits, but the manifest indicates full versions on
CD as usual.

No lic key


-jim/eastern ma/us

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