Front Panels - Thoughts

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at
Sat Oct 31 10:06:52 CDT 2015


There is one example: PDP11GUI has a virtual 11/70 panel in it, which 
can be used to operate all supported PDP-11's, including QBUS machines 
and SimH.
As I programmed it I believed this was a "must-have", but honestly, it's 
more kind of a "Pimp my Eleven" joke.

Personal credo now: better invest your lifetime into restauration of 
original machines.

kind regards,

Am 31.10.2015 um 07:32 schrieb rod:
> Hi Guys
>           Sitting here doing the overlays for the 8/e silk screen run.
> I had a thought. Including all makes of computer old and new.
> What about a front panel with lights and switches for systems
> that never had one and could have done with one?
> Which computer would you nominate?
> I'm not about to do anything about it.
> But the answers should be interesting
> Rod Smallwood

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