youtube video of a runnning XDS Sigma mainframe with lots of nice peripherals

Diane Bruce db at
Sat Oct 31 07:45:40 CDT 2015

On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 11:15:18AM +0000, P Gebhardt wrote:
> Hello list,
> spotted this video recently on youtube:
> It's a Xerox Digital Systems mainframe! Wow, I didn't know that such installations were still running as of 1997!
> The computer room is quite untidy. Andybody has an idea, where with was filmed?

I don't know, but this link might help.

We had a Sigma 9 at Carleton U here in Ottawa for years and also had
either a Sigma 7 or another Sigma 9 (My memory is fading on this)

DREO/CRC here in Ottawa at Shirleys bay. (Well just outside of Ottawa
40 years ago) DREO

I remember hacking the computed goto in the Fortran so it would 
execute my own entered assembler. That was fun. ;)

- db at db at

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