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Hi Guys
          Sitting here doing the overlays for the 8/e silk screen run.
I had a thought. Including all makes of computer old and new.
What about a front panel with lights and switches for systems
that never had one and could have done with one?
Which computer would you nominate?

I'm not about to do anything about it.
But the answers should be interesting

Rod Smallwood


FWIW, I know a guy that upgraded a system with three 11/45
to two 11/84. The application (a real DC-10 flight simulator)
used the switch panel of the 11/45, so he implemented a switch
register and real switches for the 11/84.

Extracting address and data LEDs seems easy. Some other
signals might be a bit more work, because the 53, 73, 8[3|4]
and 9[3|4] have almost everything inside the J11. Ditto for
the 11/2[3|4]. The 11/[0|3]4 and 11/60 have the calculator
style panel. Some extra LEDs there could also be "interesting".
Control signals (R/W, NPR, NPG, BRx to name a few) would
be nice to have visible all the time.

- Henk

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