"Demystification" is just as important as "Abstraction" in "Computer Science" (Was: Know any Fortran

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> >>> They literally refused to understand that a dataset could exist that
> >>> would be too large to fit into memory.
> On Fri, 30 Oct 2015, Dave Wade wrote:
> > About a year ago, I was asked by my employer to give them a list of
> > the URLs accessed by one member of staff. I sent them a list of the
> > URL's that I had accessed.
> Or you could "comply" by listing only URLs that were typed in.

I couldn't figure out how to work that out without installing a key logger
on the users PC....

> "He typed in GOOGLE.COM, and spent hours before he typed any other
> No idea what he did on that site; he might have filled in fields, or
clicked on
> things.  How would you feel about installing a camera to look over his
> shoulder?"  (let them acknowledge what they are really doing.)

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