Gov. & the machine(s) we love

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Fri Oct 30 17:38:03 CDT 2015

> Instead, we need to look at the relative involvements of academia,
guvmint, military, and industry (foreign and domestic).  Like the
development of the internet (I do not see an "invention" nor a definable
creation date), there were several major forces that helped in their own
self-serving ways to bring it about.
> In terms of what brought about the creation of microcomputers, look
particularly at where the impetus and funding came from for the 4004 and

I agree.

We live in a world of simplified history.

One good effect is that you can still buy/find truly historic items for
study that have been ignored by the pop culture tech kitch e-zine top 10
ten list crowd scene.

Bill Degnan
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