Apple II Rev 2 value?

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If the keyboard is a datanetics with the daughter board, I may have a spare empty PCB if you want it to transfer your switches.  I'll check tonight. 

Where are you located?

It actually should be a silver supply.  I have a rev-4 with original silver supply.   I elected to repair instead of replace my supply. 

So I would think about $1000 to 1500 when all together.  The big question is that hole you mentioned was drilled into the case.  Can you be more specific? That affects the value.  


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> On Oct 30, 2015, at 1:48 PM, Brad <unclefalter at> wrote:
> My Rev 4 has an Apple Rev 4 board in it.  Basically I tossed the clone board and PSU and replaced with what should be the correct motherboard (w/integer basic ROMs) and I think PSU.  PSU seems to be a matter of debate, some have suggested to me it should be the silver A2M, others said it should be the gold 2+ style one I have in there now.  Not sure on that.  The keyboard is the original for sure, but I had to do some trace repair on it using short jumper wires.
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> Well your rev-4 setup isn't going to be worth top dollar because of the condition and clone motherboard, you don't mention if it's the original datanetics keyboard and if the powersupply is the original one.  Infact it may only be worth a couple of hundred dollars or less.   
> Basically the answers to those questions determine if you are simply selling a case or a case with extras.  Notice I didn't say you are selling a Rev4 Apple II because the motherboard is missing.  
> Also depending on the hole that was drilled also that can impact the value a lot for a case since people looking for a case want a good condition one. 
> Answer those questions and we will give you a good idea. 
> As for the Rev 2.  In the condition explained I'd expect maybe 2k.  btw.  Rev 0 are going for more 3k if they are in complete condition.  Most aren't.  They tend to have replacement parts like supply or keyboard.  If the motherboard is replaced they are just a case.   
> Also with anything timing is important, if a person is looking at the time, they may spend more than if no one is looking at that specific time.  I have seen eBay auctions sometimes too late and kicked my self how low something went for.   You just never know.  
> Cheers,
> Corey 
> corey cohen
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>> On Oct 29, 2015, at 5:36 PM, Brad <unclefalter at> wrote:
>> I have a rev 4 Apple II in the 38000 s/n range.  I'm hoping to, over 
>> the years, gradually trade my way up to a Rev 0.  I've seen Rev 0 
>> units go on ebay recently for around $3000ish.  Below that seems to be 
>> a jumble, mostly to do with completeness, originality, etc.  Although, 
>> no always.  Some have had motherboards upgraded to newer versions and still gone for $2500.
>> Anyway, I'm looking to move up.  My questions (and I realize this is 
>> all
>> opinion):
>> 1)      What would my Apple II rev 4 be worth?  Again it's serial number is
>> in the 38000 range, black label.  It was in France and had its 
>> original board replaced with a clone board, and some customization 
>> including a small switch for power that was drilled into the back of 
>> the case was done.  I have installed a Rev 4 board with Integer Basic 
>> chips.  I also did some repairs on the keyboard and it is fully 
>> functional, but the repairs involved a couple of jumper wires to deal with bad traces.
>> 2)      What would you be willing to pay for a 12000 range s/n Rev 2 that is
>> in so/so  condition, some rusty chip legs and non-functional keyboard?  
>> Is a Rev 2 anything special?
>> Thanks!
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