Know any Fortran programmers who need a more interesting job?

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Fri Oct 30 12:38:42 CDT 2015

 >Liam Proven wrote:

>«Why NASA Needs a Programmer Fluent In 60-Year-Old Languages
>To keep the Voyager 1 and 2 crafts going, NASA's new hire has to know
>FORTRAN and assembly languages.
Does anyone have any idea as to the actual hardware platform?
I used an IBM 7094 II back around 1965 using both FORTRAN
and assembly language, but that was only 50 years ago.

There was no operating system, just a batch stream of one job
at a time.  All I/O was via a 1401 for both input and output.

But it did work well for that era.

Jerome Fine

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