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rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Oct 30 10:14:19 CDT 2015

Hi Guys
      I just got back from the meeting at the silk screen shop.
They are going to start by printing ten PDP8/e panels with the details 
that are common to both A and B.
I'm sending them a couple of overlays. One to convert the common panel 
to an A Type and the other to make it into a B type.
  Four A type and Three B type are sold. This means I have three slots 
left that can become either an A or a B.

Same goes for 8/f and 8/m . They will print up to the common point and  
an overlay will turn it into either an /f or /m
This time the stock will be a bit better.  Two /f have gone so eight 
slots are available to become a /f or a /m

So to be able to make an 8/e Type  A or Type B takes
           One precut perspex sheet,
           One screen for each color (two)
           One screen for the white
           One matte finish coating
           Two screens for the overlays
           One screen for the lamp view ports on the back.

            Total six silk screens

           Then I'll add in packing and shipping cost.

I'll freeze the order on Monday
Then work out  the unit price and add in packing and shipping cost.
Then call for payment  from those without prepaid orders.

So there are three 8/e A or B  slots and eight 8/f or 8/m slots 
available until Monday

Rod Smallwood

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