Honeywell "Teletype"

Thu Oct 29 20:48:07 CDT 2015

it would only be reasonable if  you needed it  to compete a  display that 
used that particular cased unit. adn you really had to have  it...

otherwise as a 33 it is vastly overpriced!
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I was  kind of eyeing this too but the shipping is a problem.  I didn't 
know  Teletype did the 'private label' kind of thing?  

So $2500 is  reasonable for something like that?

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>  That looks pretty clean. I haven't seen one in the UK at anywhere near 
that  price. Looking at US prices its almost worth shipping if I could find a 
set of  50hz gears....
They do pop up now and then. I actually purchased  mine though Ebay, last 
year for £300. The seller originally had it listed for  £500 but had no 

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