RF08/RS08 photos and panel measurements (Re: RK11-C Panel)

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Thu Oct 29 15:28:06 CDT 2015

Looking at the document at:


The picture, though extremely fuzzy, matches my panel in the
organization of legends and breaks in line.  Since I have what I think
is a complete RF08, and pieces of the drive (RS08), I think it is safe
to conclude that I have the panel from an RF08.

However, the panel is designed to actually hold up to 8 lights of 36
bits each.  I have to believe that DEC used this setup for any number of
light panels.

For photos of the drive electronics, controller electronics, power
supply, platter and display and display measurements, see:


I posted detail display panel photos and measurements in subfolder
Display of this Google Drive folder (RF08-RS08)

The main folder has photos of the drive (RS08) electronics and the
controller (RF08) electronics, etc.  (The very first photo shows some
mouse droppings / seeds, which I cleaned up (though I did not entirely
disassemble the thing), and are less apparent in subsequent photos (I
recall there being even more extensive cleaning after the simple
vacuuming I did before taking most of the photos).  There is also a
photo of the power supply and the (now separated from the container)
platter and a head or two as well as a photo of the display panel.

In the Display sub-folder are photos of the panel and its components,
and a text file with measurements.

Apologies in advance for the photo quality of the display.  I didn't
want to use a flash, and so there was some camera shake, even with IS.


On 10/26/2015 7:25 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > I have just worked out the pattern on the cables to the indicator panel,
>     > which allows me, from the device schematics, to tell which signals are
>     > shown on which lights on the indicator panel - I can even tell where the
>     > spaces are between light groups (since those lights are not
>     > connected). So I know now exactly what the panel shows, and almost
>     > certainly in which lights (although there might be a left/right swap,
>     > there are no fields which span the boundary).
> So here's the writeup on the RK11-C insert:
>   http://ana-3.lcs.mit.edu/~jnc/tech/pdp11/RK11-C_insert.txt
> The unusual light pattern should allow us to know, instantly, if we see one.
>     Noel

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