Trying to get my RLV11 working

tony duell ard at
Thu Oct 29 14:35:04 CDT 2015

> When you had machines with an RL-drive "internal", you normally did not
> use a cab kit. That was for external drives. The same is true for all
> other DEC drives I know as well. I've certainly seen direct cabling
> internally for SDI drives as well as external cabling for RX50 and TK50.

The RL01 version of the MINC doesn;t use the cab kit. It uses that Berg-RL
cable from the RLV11 in the MINC chassis to the first RL01, then the normal
RL-RL cable between the drives. I am not sure if that's an 'internal drive', the
2 RL01s are fitted into a small rack cabinet, the MINC chassis fits on top held
down by 2 captive screws, it doesn't mount on slide rails or anything like that.

Conversely the VAX11/730 has an RL02 controller as part of the IDC (Integrated
Disk Controller, it talks directly to internal CPU buses rather than sitting on the 
Unibus). Here, there is a Berg-Berg cable from the IDC to a connector on the 
CPU distribution panel (which also carries the console terminal connector, etc) and
then RL-RL cables from that to the first RL02 and between RL02s. Again, I don't
know if you call that an internal drive, the CPU is a separate rackmouting box,
the drive is another rackmounitng unit, but it was common to have 'packaged'
configurations of this machine, some of which included RL02s.


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