Trying to get my RLV11 working

tony duell ard at
Thu Oct 29 12:45:12 CDT 2015

[RL cables]

> AFAIK that cable is purely a bus (i.e. no radial per-drive wires), so you
> should just be able to run it to the second connector, no issue. However,
> I'm too lazy to check to make sure that's absolutely 100% accurate. :-)

It is just a bus. The internal drive cable is just a lenght of 40 wire ribbon cable
with 2 Berg sockets near one end and a single Berg socket at the other. The former
plug onto the backs of the external cable connectors. The latter plugs into a header
plug on the drive logic board.

There is one thing to be aware of. One of the 'corner' pins, I forget which one, is 
the +5V supply for the terminator. It is (obviously) not bused between drives. But 
of course you do need to power the terminator. So if you make up an oddball 
ribbon cable you should cut the appropriate wire between the controller and the
drive but leave it between the connector on the drive logic board and the conector
for the terminator.


>     > Not that I can even find a cable like that anywhere currently...

> RLOx cables of _any_ kind are very hard to find. There are discussions under
> way about making new ones; there is a supply (used) of the wierd-ass
> connector that plugs into the back of the drive which could be used.

It's a pity you're not in the UK, I have some RL cabling bits in the spares box. I 
could probably be persuaded to part with a twin-RL01 MINC....


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