Up for Auction: Memory from the First Computer in Space

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Subject: Re: Up for Auction: Memory from the First Computer in Space
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Date:    Thu, October 29, 2015 11:29 am
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> didn't they keep  craft intact   for  display  etc?
> heh  who  stole the memory then!/
> anything is  FLOWN  in space  has   a high  value.
> we  collect a bit of that  but most is stupidly out of the  price  range.
> ed sharpe archivist  for smecc
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Yes the provenence of certified flown items really boosts the price. Just look at
what fragments of flown Apollo beta cloth and mylar go for on eBay, top dollar...

A couple of years ago I bid on a Raytheon module from a Block 1 AGC (exactly the ones
seen in the excellent short film 'Computer for Apollo' on Youtube), it went for
about $1200 USD. And it had complete unknown provenance, I don't think the Block 1's
were flown(?). At least I had the nice feeling I 'owned' it for a short time :)


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