Trying to get my RLV11 working

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Oct 28 16:53:18 CDT 2015

    > From: Ben Sinclair

    > I think you had written something a while back that would test that
    > interrupt. Was that correct, or is there another diagnostic I can use
    > to test that?

Well, I'm sure there's a DEC diagnostic for the DLV11-J, but I have no idea
what it is.

I did have a little ~20-instruction program that tests the receive and
transmit interrupts, I'll send you the URLs for the source, and ODT script,
forms. (Not sure what forms of object formats you can load into the machine.)

   > After changing those switches I accidentally put the M8014 above the
   > M8013.

Luckily that didn't fry anything. (I'm not looking down in disdain, I've made
a few similar mistakes myself! I usually try and stop and check twice every
time I go to turn the power on after I've fiddled with the hardware, for
precisely that reason.)

    > I've swapped them and now get slightly different results:

I wonder if that's because there's no drive? Is this test suppose to need
one, I forget (I think you said but I'm too lazy to look :-).


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